Esselunga S.p.A. is an Italian retail store chain. Founded in 1957 by brothers Bernardo, Guido and Claudio of the Caprotti family with Nelson Rockefeller, the company is now entirely owned by the Caprotti family through Supermarkets Italiani S.p.A. It was the first supermarket chain in Italy and was the first to introduce on-line shopping and self-produced organic products. Esselunga controls about 8,4% of the Italian grocery distribution market with 150 stores. It is ranked as the fourth most profitable company in the European retail sector (in proportion to its size). Esselunga represents one of the most representative cases of the Italian-way large distribution model, based on pursuing the highest quality standards and aimed at constant innovation research whilst taking care at the same time of Italian food tradition and local products. During the tour it will be possible to see different food-processing lines, like those of meat and delicatessen, and to visit an Esselunga-style store. The tour will end with a visit to the Leonardo da Vinci mysteries in the nearby medieval church of Melzo.
We recommend an attire that is suitable to visiting an industrial plant (closed shoes, long trousers, warm clothes for cold environments). 
Departure scheduled at 10.30 am.
This tour aims at introducing the participants to the production of one of the most reknowned and appreciated Italian food products: Grana Padano Cheese. This tour consists of the visit of Latteria Soresina, a cooperative with more than 200 dairy farms, founded in 1900 and  the most important Italian producer of Grana Padano cheese.During the tour it will be possible to assist to all the phases of the Grana Padano and Provolone production processes. The tour will end with the visit of Soncino Castle, which represents a typical example of Italian medieval architecture. The castle is well known since it was the set of the movie Ladyhawke.

We recommend an attire that is suitable to visiting an industrial plant (closed shoes, long trousers, warm clothes for cold environments).
Departure scheduled at 12.00 pm.

This tour will lead participants to an interesting visit to Milan’s dairy production plant, which is part of the Granarolo group. The Granarolo Group is the largest Italian milk supply chain directly owned by 1,000 producers operating as a co-operative. Granarolo is the leading player in the fresh milk market, and the third largest player in the yogurt and fresh cheese markets. During the visit it will be possible to assist to the different stages of the production of products like high quality milk, UHT milk, yogurt and desserts. The tour will continue with lunch in an agritourism close-by that has an organic livestock annex  and a micro cheese factory. Finally, a suggestive conclusion with the visit of Morimondo medieval abbey.
We recommend an attire that is suitable to visiting an industrial plant (closed shoes, long trousers, warm clothes for cold environments).  
Departure scheduled at 11.00 am.
Visit to the incredible vertical vineyards of Valtellina region, a 70 mile long valley running east to west on the Italian-Swiss border. The vineyards here are terraced and the vines are grown on small plots supported by dry stone walls. Valtellina terraced vineyard are a candidate UNESCO World Heritage site. The primary grape is Nebbiolo, known locally as Chiavennasca. The visit will take participants to the two most relevant wine producers, ArPePe  and Dirupi and  will allow them to walk into their suggestive Sassella and Grumello vertical vineyards, and to taste the goodness and wonders of Valtellina wines.

We recommend an attire that is suitable to a mountain walk with steep slopes.
Departure scheduled at 12.00 pm.

The tour will take participants to Franciacorta (Brescia), one of the most famous areas for the production of world class sparkling wine in Italy. For this reason, Franciacorta represents the “Official Sparkling Wine” for Expo 2015. Bellavista winery, with its 190 hectares of vines covering about a tenth of Franciacorta vineyards and with an average production of 1,150,000 bottles a year, is one of the most famous wineries in the area. Harvesting, pressing, tank fermentation, bottling and corking, remuage and dégorgement are all carried out by hand. Bellavista winery will offer a visit to its production facilities and the possibility to taste its wide variety of wines. A boat tour on Iseo Lake will follow. The lake is famous for its beautiful landscape, covered with vines, olive oil trees, castles and villas.
Departure scheduled at 12.00 pm.
Fratelli Beretta (Beretta Brothers) founded  in 1812, is an international Company who takes the taste of Italian charcuterie all over the world. The secret of the company is the longstanding commitment of eight generations to the unique taste of fine Italian cured meats and to a continuous innovation in response to the diverse needs of an evolving market and its consumers. This passion is backed up by the family's commitment, the expertise and professionalism of all its collaborators, and the continuously refined quality that shines through in every Beretta product. The company has always invested in the production of PDO and PGI cured meats and is now one of the leaders of Italian food production. Beretta is present in almost all European and non-European countries and is one of the most active and important Italian food exporters., It also  owns production facilities in the USA and China. The tour will end with a visit to the Taccani hydroelectric plant, built in 1906, a spectacular example of liberty architecture.

We recommend an attire that is suitable to visiting an industrial plant (closed shoes, long trousers, warm clothes for cold environments).
Departure scheduled at 12.00 pm.

This tour will head to La Linea Verde’s production plant in Manerbio. La Linea Verde, founded in 1991, is the Italian leader in fresh-cut and fresh ready meals, and the top Italian exporter of baby leaf lettuce throughout Europe. The company operates through 5 production facilities (two in Northern Italy, one in Southern Italy, one in Sardinia, and one in Spain), two farms, 200 hectares state-of-the-art greenhouses and a proprietary refrigerated transport company. La Linea Verde offers ready-prepared bagged salads under the brand names of some of the largest retail chains, and produces fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, fresh meals and fresh beverages under the proprietary brand name of DimmidiSì. 1 Mio of pieces are produced and delivered every day (about 730 Items). The tour will allow participants to see the whole production process of bagged salads, from the field to packets. It will also be possible to visit soup and prepared salads processing processes.

We recommend an attire that is suitable to visiting an industrial plant (closed shoes, long trousers, warm clothes for cold environments).
Departure scheduled at 12.00 pm.

We will travel through the farms around Milan’s urban area, which diversified their activities in order to respond to the consumers’ demand for short-supply chain products and services. We will be hosted in two farms inside the River Ticino Park, an interesting area, rich of waters and where nature and agriculture are merged in an exceptional unicum. In particular, we will visit a farm which set up a Delicatessen Factory where its own-produced meats are processed and, after that, we will visit an Agritourism  offering a vast range of products and services to its visitors, from didactics to wellness, and direct transformation of its products. The program will include a nice boat tour on the Naviglio Grande, the artificial canal built by Milanese people in the 12th Century  for transport and irrigation. The Naviglio system was designed by Leonardo da Vinci and later became the preferred location for country leisure villas of Milanese noble families. 
Departure scheduled at 12.00 pm.
This tour will consist of a beautiful trip to the pastures of Lombardy Alps, located at more than 2000 meters of altitude, reacheable only by four-wheel drives. There, the local mountain dwellers will show us the milking and processing of a traditional cheese. The visit to a typical small cheese factory, specialized in the production and aging of traditional mountain cheese, will follow. We recommend that participants wear proper mountain clothes.
Departure scheduled at 12.00 pm.
The tour will lead participants to Mauri cheese company, located in the Valsassina mountain area and specialized in the production of more than 50 soft and mature cheeses (Taleggio, Gorgonzola, Quartirolo, fresh goat cheese and many others). The production of Taleggio is very characteristic, since the cheese is aged in mountain caves, exploiting their natural ventilation. The tour will end with a visit to the historical and noble residence Villa Monastero, located on the eastern shore of Lake Como.

We recommend an attire that is suitable to visiting an industrial plant (closed shoes, long trousers, warm clothes for cold environments).
Departure scheduled at 12.00 pm.

The participants will be led to visit Enterisi, the main centre for scientific research on rice crop. Indeed, Lombardy is one of the main regions for rice production in Europe, and rice represents one of the typical dishes from Milan. During the visit participants will enjoy the beautiful landscape characterized by wide paddy fields. Later, the important factory Riso Scotti, one of the main Italian rice producers, will be visited.
Departure scheduled at 12.00 pm.
Visit to the historic brewery Poretti, the first Italian brewery founded in 1877, located in the wonderful liberty-style building in Induno Olona.The story of Angelo Poretti, today part of the Carlsberg Group, started in 1877. Angelo Poretti left Varese when he was quite young. Travelling throughout Europe he discovered beer, which inspired his most important dream of bringing this drink to Italy and adapting it to the Italian taste. In Austria, Bohemia and Bavaria, Angelo Poretti met the best brewers, learning their recipes and the secrets of their profession. When he came back to Italy, he invested his life savings in building his brewery in Valganna, a location specifically chosen for its extremely pure water, a fundamental ingredient for producing top quality beer. This same genuine passion for top quality Italian beer is still the basis of Angelo Poretti beer portfolio
Departure scheduled at 12.00 pm.
The visit to the EXPO area will start with a scientific section dedicated to the EXPO themes of our interest (i.e. food security, international cooperation, poverty), that will be held at the Italian Pavilion. Then, delegates will have the opportunity to visit an incredible area fully dedicated to the challenges of agriculture and food production worldwide. Expo entrance ticket included.
Departure scheduled at 12.00 pm.
The tour allows you to explore the famous wine area of Oltrepo Pavese, the largest wine region in Lombardy, located in close proximity to Milan, and borders the regions Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont. This region is responsible for more the half of all wine produced in the Lombardy region as well as two-thirds of its DOC-designated wines. This area is also considered the Pinot Noir capital of Italy. We will be hosted in two vineries: Castle Luzzano vinery, located in an enchanting medieval hamlet, with views over the hills enjoys soil that support a large array of grape varieties and yield super wines. Moreover various archaeological relics show that it is one of Italy's oldest wine zones, the wine was produced here during the Roman empire, and later the wines of Luzzano itself was cited as far back as 1000 A.D., on a parchment-written document which is kept in the Castle. The second vinery we will visit is the historical cellar of Montù Beccaria, based in a prestigious building built in 1902. After a meticulous restoration in 1998, the cellar has been restored to its original splendour and it has been provided with modern equipment for the production of sparkling wines and excellent grappe and spirits.

We recommend sun-protective clothing and insect repellent options.
Departure scheduled at 12.00 pm.



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